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Know this if you want to become a good news reporter

Even a whisper interpreter sometimes fails too right? Well, reporters have special notes that are easy to read, to anticipate this if it happens News. On the field, reporters have small handwritten notebooks [not typed], while reporters who deliver news by sitting against a table, have several pages of memos that they write themselves. Use these two types of records. The font size can be around 12pt and the writing should be in a neat line. You can use paper that is generally used officially in lectures or steno-pad.

Do not hesitate. You must speak loudly to make it clear. Or they might not listen to you or even ignore you. Except if there is a mic by your side.

Just use the glasses if you feel uncomfortable reading the news on some paper placed on the side of your waist. You can also use contact lenses or glasses with the Polaris model. As much as possible you don’t wear clothes that are too flashy if you plan to make reporters your profession. Of course, nothing else, to make you look better on the camera.

Read a newspaper hard and deeply, to learn the language used specifically in the field of journalists. Note also the pattern of composing sentences and news.

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