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Tips for delivering a bad news to your customers

Delivering bad news to customers is not an easy task. However, sometimes this kind of situation must be faced by many business people with empathy and professionalism.

p style=”text-align: justify;”>Here are five strategies for delivering bad news with love.


Tell the truth

People tend to be afraid to convey something they themselves don’t understand. Position yourself from the customer’s point of view in the situation. Give as much information as possible about who, what, when, where and why.

Put yourself as a customer

So that they don’t feel worried about the bad news that you are about to convey, put yourself in the position of a customer. Those who are worried may even be angry at the bad news and that can affect them (or the company) personally, don’t let them guess, give them an explanation and all the facts.

Appreciate their feelings

Don’t ignore their feelings, let them confide. You have to deal with negative emotions first before you plan a positive action.

To be responsible

Plan a plan that you or the company will take specifically.

Keep watching

Make it your priority to track progress on customer problems in your company. Make reports frequently to customers until the situation is completely under control.

Be patient

As you can expect, not all the customers can bear with the bad news like a proper adult. That’s why you need to be as patient as you can by the time the customers pour their anger to you. Be a good listener, and try to calm them down with positive words that hint the signs of understanding.

When it goes out of control, call your superior

If the customer has gone way over your ability to convince them, then perhaps it’s about time for you to call your superior. Try your best to tell the customers that you will redirect their call to your superior as professionally as possible, so they don’t think that you just hand over their problems to someone else.

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